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Patent Filing in India | Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Mobile Applications

Your Guide to Patent Filing Procedure in India

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Patent Filing Services in India: Our patent IPR consultancy firm provides Intellectual Property Rights services. IP research services by our team of IP lawyers include Patent filing services in India. We can file provisional patent application before the Indian patent Office.  We provide flat fee cost for patent filing in India to global clients. Our team of patent lawyers & patent attorneys in India are Registered Patent Agents authorised to file patent applications before Indian Patent Office (IPO).

The experienced techno-legal professionals of Global Intellectual Property (GIP) are authorised Indian Patent Agents who are licensed to practice by the Patent Office of India to file Patent Applications in India.

Who gives a patent right for idea in India?

The Patent Office in India grants patent protection to inventions which fulfills the conditions of novelty of the invention, non-obviousness of the invention and industrial applicability of the invention. Our cater to individual inventors, SMEs, and Foreign companies.

Patent forms for filing of Patent Application in India | National Phase Patent Filing in India (PCT)

  1. Complete Patent Specification including patent claims (Patent Form 1,  Patent Form 2, Patent Form 3 and Patent Form 5)
  2. Patent Drawings (if any)
  3. Patent Priority Documents 
  4. Patent Abstract
  5. International Search Report (ISR)
  6. International Preliminary Examination Report
  7. WIPO Patent Publication
  8. Power of Attorney


Documents Required for Filing of Convention Patent Application in India under Paris Convention Treaty

  1. Complete Patent Specification including patent claims (Patent Form 1,  Patent Form 2, Patent Form 3 and Patent Form 5)
  2. Patent Drawings (if any)
  3. Patent Priority Documents (If the priority patent application is not in english then Certified copy of English translation)
  4. Power of Attorney

In case you require more information contact our registered patent attorney Rahul Dev in India.

Important Note for Inventions filed in India:

The Request for Examination (RFE) must be filed within 48 months of priority date of the patent application or the patent specification filed before the Indian Patent Office will be abandoned.

 Source: As first published on Tech Corp Legal website.

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