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Freedom to Operate Search

why it is important to conduct FTO search before Launching a New Product in the Market: Get Freedom to Operate Search 

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Freedom to Operate Search: Just as Patent Infringement Search or Product Clearance Search is important for a technology company who is launching a new medical device in the market, a Freedom to Operate Patent Search is performed to determine that the medical device is not infringing any granted patents which is in force.

A lot of money is invested on Research & Development to develop a product or technology. However, during the product development phase if you realise that your  product or technology has already been patented by some other company it will be a huge disappointment. GIP Research can work with you starting from identifying prior art to perform freedom to operate before launching the product.

Understanding Patent Claims of the Identified Patent Applications  

A good freedom-to-operate (FTO) search will include a search of pending patent applications  and granted patent applications with proper interpretation of the patent claims in respect of the patent specification. To understand the patent claims its very important to determine who is conducting the FTO search.

Moreover, an understanding of the strength and weaknesses of patent claims for particular technologies is important. The person conducting the freedom-to-operate (FTO) search should preferably be a patent attorney who has the patent law knowledge and knows how to utilize the different patent databases to achieve efficient and comprehensive results. Understanding of what constitutes prior art for a technology in question and interpreting the patent law properly in reference to court decisions can help finding reliable search results.

Patents are Territorial in Nature

There is no protection for filing international Patent before WIPO. Moreover, filing patent application in every country is a costly affair. If your company infringe a patent in say, Singapore and Canada, but that patent has not been filed in India and the USA. The company will face infringement charges in Singapore and Canada but have the opportunity to launch the product in India and the USA. The crux is that while conducting the freedom-to-operate (FTO) search patent searching by jurisdiction is very important.

Determining Legal Status of the Granted Patent | Patents are limited in duration

To Enforce Granted Patents, Patent Renewal Fees has to be Submitted with the Respective Patent office. The monopoly of a granted patent is 20 years from the patent priority date. If there is default in payment of renewal fees, the patent lapse and any company is free to commercialize the expired patent technology.

Evaluating Your Freedom to Operate (FTO) | Right to Use New Invention| Clearance Patent Search Case Study

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Patent Case Study

Client: A Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company

To conduct a freedom to operate (FTO) study for a granted US patent, in the technology domain of gene therapy. It includes the identification and analysis of USPTO granted patents including the claims of the patent specification, which may be relevant for the present FTO study, as these patents may restrict the freedom to operate of the biopharmaceutical technology in question.
Business Collaboration:  Client will use the information to determine further course of action in terms of technology commercialization, In-licensing and/ or Cross licensing activities, and Intellectual Property Management (IPM).


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An excellent resource for research into prior art.
-David Sundin, Owner at Ambit Technical Consulting Tyler, Texas Area, United States of America

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