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Food Science Patent Technology based Patent Protection Service Company in India 

Food is a necessity for good health.  Over the years the food industry has been booming across the globe. For example, instant food remix, Dietary supplements, Probiotic drinks, Confectionary items, Health supplements & beverages are being manufactured by MNCs.

Processing of food products to maintain functional nutritional elements of the food constituents is a challenge for the scientists. Over the years, our food technology patent experts have been assisting global clientele to develop new products and processes. Our tech research patent services including patentability search, analysis and IP landscaping services are valued by many leading food and nutrition R&D and legal in-house counsels worldwide.

While researching Food science technology based patents, the research includes searching food chemistry, food packaging patents and the like. Our food technologists have patent experience in dairy, beverages, cereals, processed food, Probiotic microorganisms, Modified foods industries in both research and process technologies.

The following sections includes food science patenting trends in India. Food science patenting trends includes technology trends related to Dietary supplements, Neutraceuticals, Confectionary, Health supplements, Beverages, Dairy products, Processed foods, & Veterinary products.

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