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Global Intellectual Property (GIP) Research patent company in India provide patentability research support services to USPTO attorneys, In-house legal research foreign companies and individual startup inventors across the globe. Scope of work includes utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide knockout prior art search results to our IPR clients. Our experienced patent research team members examines International patents including USPTO patent results and EPO foreign patents as well as non-patent prior art literature. Patent Searching over 200++ million patents from patent databases using the best key strings, we give our clients quality patent results.

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Most preferred patent search provider working directly with worldwide inventors. GIP Research offers patent search services of high quality. We customise the patent search strategy keeping in mind goal of our customers. GIP Research has decade of experience in performing outsourced patent projects right from idea inception to drafting patent application and prosecuting the same patent in many foreign countries. GIP Research has close network of foreign patent attorneys to work in collaboration and execute patent related projects. GIP Research takes pride in providing high quality deliverables at very reasonable cost price.
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We can cater to any Intellectual Property outsourcing query. Patent projects are delivered in quick turn around time & you can save $$$$ dollars in cost to get our patent query getting resolved in quick turnaround time. GIP Research is your patent outsourcing and patent support patent search partner in India. In case of urgency expedited patent search report can be provided to clients. Order your patent project in the contact form below. Our motto is 100% client satisfaction.


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Global Intellectual Property (GIP) Research patent company is one of the fast growing patent research companies in India offering patent services like, patent searching service, patent infringement searching, and product to patent claim mapping. Market entry opinion / Right-to-use/ freedom to operate patent search and opinion report by USPTO trained patent attorneys and registered Indian patent agents. In addition our expert patent attorneys provide patent drafting services.

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Different types of patent searches are performed according to clients requirement. State-of-the-art patent search commonly called prior art search / Novelty search is performed before filing a provisional patent. Patent Infringement search is researched when one party is copying features of a granted patent. On the other hand, Validity patent search helps to determine validity of a granted patent. The patent report is helpful for the patent attorney to prepare for court proceeding.


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Fast, Effective Patent Search, & Reliable Patent Research, Analysis & Drafting Services for global clients. Our team of patent experts have been assisting startup inventors & innovators globally for over a decade. GIP Research is one of the top patent research providers in India. The reason is simple – our patent attorneys are consistent with patent results and solve the issue at hand. Our patent searching capabilities have helped our clients save patenting $$$ cost.

We have many returning customers that got to know us through our repeat clients and trust us as a professional and solid patent search partner for their research. Join our client list of  2,000+ happy clients. GIP Research will be glad to assist you in every possible way.

As a Startup who is starting a new venture it is wise to protect your Idea before discussing with potential investors. The above intellectual property video will provide the importance of protecting different IP rights before it is copied.

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We love what we do and that’s why our patent attorneys are considered top patent attorneys in the country. We are consistent with our patent approach and with a combined experience of more than 40+ years we have offered our best patent support services to patent consultants worldwide.

Our returning inventors who work with us on many patent related matters trust us as their preferred legal counsel. They understand why it is not advisable to write your own idea patent application.


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Your Patent Litigation Support Partner. Helping Patent Clients Right from Ideation Stage to Protect their Idea by filing Patents for Invention.

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An excellent resource for research into prior art.
-David Sundin, Owner at Ambit Technical Consulting Tyler, Texas Area, United States of America

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GIP research is a patent services company based in India that focuses on providing result oriented patentability search results at flat fee affordable cost.

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